Karuizawa Adventure Center is brought to you by a dedicated team of
professionals who love the outdoors.

We are a part of KK Sherpa, a diversified outdoor activities and hospitality group in Japan. We are a sister organisation to the Naeba Snow School, The Mountain Baker cafe, and Snow Cafe Naeba.

We have opened at the Prince Hotel in Karuizawa this summer to bring fun, international level summer activities here to Karuizawa, one of Japan’s top international resort destinations. We want to make Karuizawa and all of its natural beauty accessible to the international community and also help Karuizawa’s residents and their children to get a more international experience right here.

We offer a variety of courses in English and Japanese and also do bespoke programs for groups, schools and teams.

Please just give us a call  or email us at info@karuizawa-adventure.jp for a custom program.

We look forward to being your English language resource for fun in Karuizawa!