1 Day English Camp
Summer Kids’ Camps is a safe and fun place for campers to learn new skills and enjoy plenty of outdoor adventures. In the morning, designated group activities are chosen to suit the group and in the afternoon the kids have an opportunity to choose from age appropriate activities available that day depending on weather and children’s ages they want to do.

Each day is full of exciting adventures for your child. Guided by expert instructors and experienced counselors, your camper will enjoy a day of small-group activities, which may include climbing, archery, kids driving range, walking in the trees, god’s eye craft making, camps songs and team building activities all done in English.

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Come and learn how to hit the bulls eye with a bow and arrow. Archery is one of the oldest sports in the world, and is a traditional skill found on all the continents of the world. Like other recreational sports of today archery started as a means of survival, a way of hunting, now it is an Olympic sport open to all ages, both sexes, and all physical abilities. This teaches children concentration and self control in order to hit the target.  We use special bows made for children to be easy to pull and blunt arrows.

Baking class

Baking Classes

Wondering what to do with your kids on a rainy day in Karuizawa? or just want to make scrumptious treats!

Hey kids! Do you love to cook, bake and try new foods? Let the kids get creative with cooking but still keep your kitchen clean by enrolling them in a hands-on class. A cooking class is a great way of making friends and developing skills.


Bouldering (indoor)

Climbing is a great way for kids to exercise and have fun whilst learning new skills. It can also help develop coordination, balance, team building, self-discipline as well as being a great way to build confidence.

In our purpose built kids climbing center accompanied by a member of staff at all times, in an exciting but safe environment, and let the little ones bounce off someone else’s walls for a change!

Climbing pinnacle

Climbing Pinnacle (Outdoors)
Try a climb of our free standing 20 foot climbing pinnacle you can and you can literally reach new heights! Looking out over the urban life of Karuizawa onto Mt Asama.

No previous climbing experience necessary and our friendly adventure centre staff will be on hand to help you prepare and be there to belay you in case you don’t make it to the top!


Kids Driving Range
Join our friendly and informal group activity to try the game for the first time or to brush up on your skills!

A chance for children to blast some balls into nets, or hit targets in our golf shooting gallery, with Centre staff advice on how to hit the sweet spot!

Zipline 3


Experience Karuizawa in a whole new way as you fly through our 6 different courses and a practice course with your English speaking guide.

Total flight distance length 615m!